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  • Allowances and belongings

    How a prisoner can earn money and what kind of personal belongings are allowed at the Tasmania Prison Service.

  • Gifts and personal property

    Information about gifts and personal property at the Tasmania Prison Service, including clothing, electrical items and reading material.

  • Contact a prisoner / remandee

    How to contact, deposit money, or send a letter or parcel to a prisoner / remandee at the Tasmania Prison Service.

  • Children visiting

    Find out who can bring a child to visit a Tasmania Prison Service facility, and what to expect while there.

  • About

    About the Tasmania Prison Service - vision and purpose, and roles and services. Access to policies and procedures and student research resources.

  • 2.24 Prisoners Conducting a Business VER 1.1 For Internet.pdf (PDF, 190.4 KB)

    This Director’s Standing Order outlines the protocols for managing a prisoner who wishes to conduct a lawful business in or from prison during their period of custody with the Tasmania Prison Service. This includes prisoners who were conducting a business prior to their incarceration, as well as prisoners who wish to commence a new business.

  • Students and research

    Information for students including resources, research for projects, and study placements.

  • Activities for prisoners

    What activities and opportunities are available for prisoners at the Tasmania Prison Service, including employment, education and hobbies.

  • Phone calls and messages

    Information about prisoner access to phones at the Tasmania Prison Service, using the Unity telephone system.

  • Hobart Reception Prison

    Hobart Reception Prison: how to book, visit times, where it is, and what to expect when you visit.

  • 2 15 Transgender Prisoners DSO VER 2.pdf (PDF, 237.4 KB)

    This Director's Standing Order outlines the protocols for the reception and management of prisoners who identify as transgender, transsexual or intersex. Transgender, transsexual and intersex prisoners may be vulnerable in the mainstream prison population and must be managed in a manner that prioritises their safety.

  • Programs

    The Tasmania Prison Service offers a range of programs (including targeted offence-related programs) to assist prisoners.

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Updated: 1st January 2021