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Depositing money into prisoners accounts

Cash  is not allowed in the Prison. Prisoners have two types of accounts, a private account and a prison earnings account.

Private account - Family and friends are able to put money into prisoners' private accounts. This money can then be used for phone calls and to pay outside bills etc.

Earnings account - Prisoners can earn 'wages' while they are in prison. An Prisoner's wage depends on the work or other activities (education/programs) they are doing while in custody.

To buy things in the prison, prisoners use money from their prison accounts.

Prisoners may use the money in their earnings account to buy items through the prison canteen. These include toiletries, food items, and craft supplies.

Anyone depositing money for prisoners is required to provide their full name, address and proof of identification.

Deposits are limited to $100.00 and the balance of an prisoner's private money account must not exceed $300.00.