Tasmania Prison Service

Job profile of a Correctional Officer

Primary objective

A correctional officer works as part of a team responsible for the safe, secure and humane management of detainees and prisoners within and external to correctional facilities.

Correctional officer duties require interaction with prisoners/detainees, guidance, assistance and referral to programs designed to assist in prisoner rehabilitation and reintegration.

Key responsibilities

  • Supervising detainees and prisoners, which includes monitoring and observing them.
  • Employing appropriate security measures to ensure the safe custody of detainees and prisoners including monitoring property and equipment and conducting random searches of property and prisoners/detainees.
  • Advising detainees and prisoners of their rights and responsibilities whilst in custody.
  • Provide case management to detainees and prisoners according to the TPS Integrated Offender Management Framework.
  • Demonstrating professional positive role modelling behaviour on daily basis (pro-social modelling).
  • Ensuring detainees and prisoners maintain acceptable levels of hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Assisting in determining a prisoner’s rehabilitation (sentence) plan and encouraging prisoners to participate in their individual rehabilitation and reintegration plans.
  • Providing reports on individuals’ rehabilitation progress, or security, welfare or behaviour. Undertaking escorts of detainees and prisoners inside the prison.
  • Transportation and supervision of detainees/prisoners outside the prison.
  • Undertaking non-complex investigations.
  • Responding to emergencies (including conflict, injuries and medical crises).
  • Participate in ongoing and regular training to maintain currency of core qualifications.
  • Displaying and promoting workplace diversity, integrity, ethics, TPS values and sound Work Health & Safety practices.
  • Supporting the implementation of systems, procedures and initiatives throughout the TPS.
  • Liaising with TPS staff and external stakeholders.
  • Active contribution to the resolution of issues within the work team.
  • Operating contemporary corrections technology (including security management systems, CCTV, alarms, radios, etc.).

Expected behaviours

TPS employees demonstrate ethical behaviour, professionalism and integrity by:

  • Being respectful, honest, fair and consistent
  • Being open-minded to other beliefs and opinions
  • Demonstrating enthusiasm and commitment in our work
  • Recognising good work and striving towards continuous improvement
  • Leading by example and taking responsibility for our actions
  • Communicating with our colleagues and others in an accountable and timely manner
  • Embracing the benefits of teamwork.

Applicant requirements

  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively and build strong working relationships in challenging and dynamic team environments.
  • Sound organisational skills and the capacity to deal with change in a challenging environment and the proven capacity to effectively recognise conflict and apply appropriate solutions.
  • Demonstrated self-management skills, judgment, initiative, flexibility and motivation, along with the ability to follow policy and procedures to complete tasks accurately and within deadlines, and the capacity to adapt to, and participate in organisational change and to deal with multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Sound interpersonal and communication skills with a high level of literacy (including digital literacy) and numeracy skills and the proven capacity to, both orally and in writing, convey information in a professional manner.
  • Demonstrated experience using current office technology, particularly Microsoft Office Software to produce high quality documents and reports as well as an ability to adapt to new technology as required.
  • Strong personal qualities including resilience, integrity, honesty, impartiality, discretion, respectfulness and courage.
  • The ability to quickly acquire knowledge of contemporary corrections practices and procedures, including the ability to apply the principles of Integrated Offender Management (Case Management).
  • Be fit and healthy (confirmed by a Workforce Health Assessment).
  • Be of good character.
  • Meet a criminal history background check.
  • Be an Australian Citizen or hold Permanent Resident Status.
  • Successfully pass all stages of the recruitment process.

Values of the Department of Justice

TPS employees also need to meet the values of the Department of Justice, where all employees act with integrity, respect and accountability, and contribute to making our workplace inclusive and collaborative.

Applicants should be able to demonstrate attributes in the following areas

  • Team orientation
  • Objective and self-aware
  • Strength and stamina
  • Able to read people and situations
  • Resilience
  • Able to think critically
  • Respectful and Courteous
  • Consistent and approachable
  • Supportive and accountable
  • Able to problem solve
  • Assertive and decisive
  • Courage
  • Adaptable and flexible
  • Integrity
  • Dependable and motivated
  • High-level active listening
  • Patient and tolerant

Successful applicants will undergo 10 weeks training with the TPS to help further develop these skills and abilities and enable them to become a professional and effective Correctional Officer.

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Updated: 1st January 2021