Tasmania Prison Service

Working as a correctional officer


The TPS operates five adult correctional centres. These include

  • Risdon Prison Complex (Medium and Maximum Security)
  • Ron Barwick Prison
  • Mary Hutchinson Women’s Prison
  • Hobart Reception Prison, and
  • Launceston Reception Prison.

The new Southern Remand Centre, part of the Risdon Prison Complex, will open in in the first half of 2022.

Prisoners include those that have been sentenced and those who are appealing their sentences. Those held on remand orders are referred to as detainees.

TPS prisons cater for all classifications of detainees and prisoners, maximum, medium and minimum. Whilst in prison, detainees and prisoners have the opportunity to participate in education and training, criminogenic and non-criminogenic programs, sport and recreation activities, industries and reintegration activities.

The TPS employs approximately 310 correctional staff and 110 other staff.

Types of work

Officers are responsible for the safe, secure and humane management of prisoners and detainees and provide assistance in developing their work and social skills.

Under the case management model, officers play a vital role in encouraging prisoners/detainees to participate in programs and industries as well as preparing for their release by participating in reintegration related activities.

The role of a correctional officer includes

  • dealing face-to-face with prisoners/detainees on a daily basis.
  • helping prisoners/detainees resolve their issues and access the support they need.
  • managing the health, safety and security of prisoners/detainees.
  • ensuring that prisoners/detainees adhere to prison rules and regulations.

The role of a Correctional Officer is a diverse one and has been described as someone who is: a teacher, counsellor, security specialist, role model, manager, pro-social modeller, intelligence officer, emergency response officer, disciplinary officer, mediator and social worker. The role of the Correctional Officer can be very rewarding but is also very challenging.

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Updated: 1st January 2021