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Frequently asked questions

If I have applied before can I just ask for my previous application to be put into this recruitment round?

No. Each recruitment campaign is totally independent of previous campaigns, and requirements, policies and procedures may have changed.  You must resend your resume and application form.

Who do I contact throughout the process to see if I have advanced to the next stage?

Contact throughout the entire process will be with the Administrative Officer, Staff Development & Recruitment Unit (03) 6165 7276 or 1800 233 911.

If I apply and am unsuccessful can I try again?

Yes. However, we are unable to provide you with feedback as to why you have not advanced; therefore applicants need to self-assess their own suitability to the role of Correctional Officer.

If you did not meet the standard set for the literacy and numeracy test, you may reapply at any time, however, if you did not meet the psychological requirements, or the level required from the Work Safety test, you will not be able to resit those tests for a period of 12 months, and your previous results will be taken into account (as per the test company’s policy).

If I am successful for selection, how long do I have to wait before I start?

Successful applicants normally commence on the Recruit Induction School within 4-6 weeks of notification.  During this time applicants are fitted with their uniforms.

If I am applying from interstate and am offered a position who pays for my relocation?

Relocation costs are not covered, so unfortunately, the applicant will be required to pay any moving expenses.

If I commence in the recruit induction course what will my hours be?

During the 13 week induction training hours will be 09:00-17:00 Monday to Friday, except for on-post placements where the hours are 7:00 to 17:00.

Can I transfer from one correctional facility to another?

Staff can submit a transfer request via the appropriate internal mechanisms to transfer to another facility or can forward an expression of interest as positions become available. Transfers occur as operational needs allow.

I currently work in Corrections on the mainland, does that mean I have a higher chance of being successful?

All applicants are assessed equally.  Previous experience in a similar role does not guarantee success.  The role of Officers in each state and prison can vary significantly.  The Tasmania Prison Service (TPS) assesses all applicants against the Selection Criteria and not on an applicant’s current job description.

If I am an experienced Correctional Officer do I need to study the Certificate III in Correctional Practice (Custodial)?

An applicant who was previously employed as a Correctional Officer in a jurisdiction other than the Tasmanian Department of Justice who has a Certificate III in Correctional Practice (Custodial) or better, will have this qualification recognised.  If an experienced Correctional Officer does not have the Certificate III they will be required to complete the qualification within the expected timeframes.

I already have the Certificate III in Correctional Practice (Custodial) so do I need to do the entire 13 week induction training or can I just be placed straight onto post?

Experienced Officers from other jurisdictions will be required to undergo the initial 13 week induction training along with inexperienced Officers to familiarise themselves with policies, procedures, protocols, Standard Operating Procedures and Director’s Standing Orders specific to the Tasmania Prison Service.

Do I have to pay for my own criminal history check?

Yes. The cost, currently, with Tasmania Police is $45.00.  Applicants will be advised during the selection process when they should apply for the check.

I live overseas and am in the process of applying for a working visa, can I still apply?

If you are not an Australian citizen or do not have a permanent residence status we are unable to proceed with your application.  Applicants must hold a permanent Australian Working Visa at the time of application.

I advanced to the second stage of the process and then was unsuccessful, can I find out why?

No. We are unable to provide applicants with feedback.  All applicants sign a declaration acknowledging that they will not receive specific feedback about their application.

I already have several qualifications do I still need to complete the Certificate III Correctional Practice (Custodial) during the recruit induction program?

Yes.  It is a mandatory requirement that all Probationary Officers hold this qualification before they can proceed to the next rank.  This qualification is completed both in the recruit school classroom and on-the-job once posted.  Applicants who already hold formal qualifications will be assessed on commencement and advised if they are eligible to apply for Recognition of Current Competency (RCC) or Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).  Applicants who are eligible for RCC and RPL will receive credit transfers towards the qualification.  All applicants, regardless of qualifications are required to complete the 13 week induction program.

If I am an experienced Correctional Officer in another jurisdiction will I maintain my current rank?

No. All new recruits with the TPS commence on probationary level.  After recruit induction, if applicants are able to satisfy the essential rank requirements under the Correctional Officer’s Award/Agreement a higher level rank may be negotiated on a case by case basis.

I am a permanent State Service employee, can I transfer my entitlements?

Yes. Leave entitlements accrued by permanent Tasmania State Government employees can be carried over to positions with the TPS.

I am a permanent Commonwealth employee, can I transfer my entitlements?

Long service leave entitlements accrued by permanent Commonwealth Government employees and Armed Services employees may also be recognised.

I am unable to work fulltime, all the positions advertised are fulltime, are there any part time positions available?

The Tasmania Prison Service encourages applicants seeking part time employment to submit their application, and discuss their wishes with the Recruitment Team.  Part time and flexible working arrangements are occasionally available, and can be negotiated on a case by case basis.