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Career as a Correctional Officer

Working as a Correctional Officer

A Correctional Officer works within a professional team who are responsible for the safe, secure and humane management of prisoners.  A Correctional Officer interacts with prisoners to guide and assist them towards rehabilitation and a smooth return back into society upon release.

The role of a Correctional Officer is a challenging but highly rewarding one.  Each prisoner offers different challenges and you can find yourself acting as a teacher, counsellor, role model and social worker.  So if it is a variety of challenges you are looking for - look no further.  If you think you have the empathy and maturity to deal with often difficult situations, we are looking for you.

A Correctional Officer can expect to undertake the following roles:

  • Supervising prisoners, which includes monitoring and observing them at all times;
  • Employing appropriate security measures to ensure the safe custody of prisoners including monitoring property and equipment and conducting random searches of property and prisoners;
  • Advising prisoners of their rights and responsibilities whilst in custody;
  • Provide case management to prisoners according to the Tasmania Prison Service (TPS) Integrated Offender Management Framework;
  • Demonstrating professional positive role modelling behaviour on daily basis (pro-social modelling);
  • Ensuring prisoners maintain acceptable levels of hygiene and cleanliness;
  • Assisting in determining a prisoner’s rehabilitation (sentence) plan and encouraging prisoners to participate in their individual rehabilitation and reintegration plans;
  • Providing reports on individual prisoners’ rehabilitation progress, or their security, welfare or behaviour;
  • Undertaking escorts of prisoners inside the prison;
  • Transportation and supervision of prisoners outside the prison;
  • Providing formal reports on prisoners or on incidents that occur in the prison;
  • Undertaking non-complex investigations;
  • Responding to emergencies (including prisoner conflict, injuries and medical crisis);
  • Participate in ongoing and regular training to maintain currency of core qualifications;
  • Displaying and promoting workplace diversity, integrity, ethics, TPS values and sound Work Health and safety practices.;
  • Supporting the implementation of systems, procedures and initiatives throughout the TPS;
  • Liaising with TPS staff and external stakeholders;
  • Active contribution to the resolution of issues within the work team;
  • Operating contemporary corrections technology (including security management systems, CCTV, alarms, radios, etc.).

TPS employees demonstrate ethical behaviour, professionalism and integrity by:

  • Being respectful, honest, fair and consistent;
  • Being open-minded to other beliefs and opinions;
  • Demonstrating enthusiasm and commitment in our work;
  • Recognising good work and striving towards continuous improvement;
  • Leading by example and taking responsibility for our actions;
  • Communicating with our colleagues and others in an accountable and timely manner;
  • Embracing the benefits of teamwork.

Download the Tasmania Prison Service Correctional Officer Information Pack (PDF, 1.09MB, 18 pages)