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Procurement process

The procurement process selected for the Stage C Project is based on the 'Managing Contractor - Design and Construction Management' model that is widely used for major projects, both in Queensland and elsewhere in Australia.

In this process the Principal engages design consultants for the first phase of design to establish the design fundamentals (as a preferred response to the client brief) within an agreed budget.

The Principal engages the Managing Contractor through a registration of interest and tender process, and the consultants are 'novated' to the Managing Contractor to prepare detailed designs and confirm that the cost is within the budget.

The Managing Contractor then undertakes the documentation, tendering and construction administration of the project with the assistance of the consultants.

All the actual construction work is carried out on a package-by-package basis with trade sub-contractors, tendered on an open, competitive basis by the Managing Contractor.

The Stage C project also includes whole-of-life maintenance in the Managing Contractor arrangement extending for a fifteen-year period from the end of the construction stage.