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New going to court video series launched

A new series of videos have been developed to demystify the experience of attending the Magistrates Courts.

The series of four short videos have been developed through collaboration between the Department of Justice, Association for Children with Disability (Tas), Brain Injury Association of Tasmania, Speak Out Association of Tasmania, the Magistrates Court, Equal Opportunity Tasmania and Tasmania Legal Aid.

The collaborative approach has ensured that the videos meet the specific needs of the target audience of people with disability and/or low literacy

There are four videos in the series which were made possible by a grant from the Law Foundation of Tasmania:

  • Video 1 – Preparing for Court - aims to provide viewers with the information they need to know before going to court and explains the various support services available. A large focus of this video is to explain the importance of preparing well for court and obtaining the necessary support both in a personal and legal sense.
  • Video 2- Arriving at Court - explains the process of arriving at court and the steps an individual needs to take such as passing through security and making their way to the waiting area.
  • Video 3: In the Court - explains the busy nature of the courtroom, its processes and the various people who may be in the courtroom.
  • Video 4: After Court - provides a brief summary of the various outcomes that can occur following a court appearance.

The videos will provide a valuable resource for a range of vulnerable Tasmanians who may otherwise have difficulty understanding the requirements and processes of going to Court.

The Attorney-General has recorded a short message to launch the videos.

The videos are available on the Magistrates Court website https://www.magistratescourt.tas.gov.au/going_to_court/going-to-court-videos