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Expungement of Historical Offences

It is not so long ago that Tasmanians still faced the risk of prosecution relating to homosexuality and cross-dressing.

The commencement of the Expungement of Historical Offences Act 2017 is an important step forward in addressing the legacy of old laws that were unfair and unjust.

The scheme enabling people to expunge charges and convictions for historical homosexual and cross-dressing offences commenced on 9 April 2018.

If a charge is expunged then the person will be treated in law as if the offence had not been committed.

Consistent with other States, applications will be considered by the Secretary of the Department of Justice.

An application can be made by the person charged with a historical homosexual or cross-dressing offence. If the person is deceased or lacks the legal capacity to make an application, the person’s spouse, relative or appropriate representative can apply.

Visit the Expungement of Historical Offences website to learn more.