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Improved justice outcomes for people with disability

Tasmanians with disabilities will have improved access to the state justice system through the implementation of the Disability Justice Plan for Tasmania.

People with disability often experience barriers to accessing justice services because they are not identified as requiring additional assistance or because the modifications or supports they require are not available.

The Disability Justice Plan for Tasmania identifies changes that will be implemented to ensure equality before the law for those who may otherwise be denied this fundamental right.

It aims to generate change in the way disability is identified and thought about in the justice system and to lead to more seamless service delivery arrangements and greater ease in dealing with the diversity of client and users’ needs.

The plan recognises the significantly higher rates of disability among those in contact with the justice system, both as victims and offenders, and will guide Government agencies towards goals including

  • Developing, promoting and implementing disability-responsive police and legal services.
  • Preventing and responding to violence, abuse and neglect.
  • Responding to the needs of people with disability who are at risk of experiencing family violence.
  • Safeguarding the rights of people with disability to make decisions that affect their lives.

The Disability Justice Plan for Tasmania was developed by a cross-agency steering committee, chaired by the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner, in consultation with a community reference group.

It will be implemented in collaboration with service providers and its progress will be monitored by the Premier’s Disability Advisory Council.

Both the plan and action items can be downloaded from the links below.

There is also a report by the Premier’s Disability Advisory Council (PDAC) which relates to the initial annual report which can be accessed below