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Magistrates Court

The Magistrates Court of Tasmania offers mediation and conciliation services as an alternative to going to trial.

Disputes under $5,000 are heard in the Minor Claims Division and automatically referred to conciliation as the first step.

Claims over $5,000 are subject to a directions hearing before Magistrate. A directions hearing clarifies the issues, ensures both parties are prepared, explores possibilities of settlement, offers alternative dispute resolution such as mediation and makes any other pre-trial orders which may be appropriate.

If parties cannot agree on settlement or alternative dispute resolution the case proceeds to Court. Before trial, the Court can order conciliation conferences to assist to settle the dispute. Conciliation conferences provide an opportunity to resolve the dispute by negotiating a mutually agreeable resolution or compromise.

In general, the Magistrates Court does not hear cases over $50,000 in value. However, if both parties agree this may be possible.

Visit the Mediation and Conciliation Conferences web page for more information.