Enforcement Sanction - Publication of Name

Pursuant to section 65(1) of the Monetary Penalties Enforcement Act 2005 the Director, Monetary Penalties Enforcement Service (the Director) has approved this website for publication of the name, address and details of the monetary penalties of an enforcement debtor and has authorised the publication of that information in respect of the following enforcement debtors.

Published List of Enforcement Debtors (PDF, 1.6 MB)

These enforcement debtors have failed to pay their monetary penalties and are now the subject of enforcement sanctions.

These details will remain published until such time as the enforcement debtor discharges their obligations to the Director by either:

The published list of enforcement debtors is updated weekly and contains details of persons the subject of the publication of name sanction only. It does not include all enforcement debtors who owe a monetary penalty, nor may it show the total amount outstanding by an enforcement debtor.

Consequences of this sanction

If your name appears in the published list, this could have implications on your

  • credit rating;
  • ability to secure credit;
  • renting property; or
  • otherwise secure finance.

You should take immediate action to resolve your monetary penalties.

Just because your name does not appear on this list does not mean that you do not have a fine - you may have forgotten about your fine!

If you have received an enforcement order and you do not pay your monetary penalty, your name may appear on the published list.

Contact us

The Monetary Penalties Enforcement Service is available to discuss payment options and alternatives. You should contact us immediately to confirm if you are in default of a monetary penalty and discuss your options.