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Parole Awareness

The Parole Awareness program is a two hour information session.

A roster of programs is organised with the Prisoner Support Service, with the intention that programs will be held in each division of the prison twice per year.

A Probation Officer facilitates the program.

Although the Parole Board does not require a prisoner to attend the program before they are released on a Parole Order, the Board is told whether a prisoner has attended.

Aim of the program

The aim of the Parole Awareness program is to provide prisoners with information about:

  • how to apply for parole
  • how the Parole Board makes its decisions
  • the expectations of them if a Parole Order is made


The Parole Awareness program provides information about:

  • the Parole Board
  • the information considered by the Parole Board
  • the services who provide information to the Parole Board to assist their decision
  • the role of a Probation Officer
  • the conditions of a Parole Order
  • the process for interstate Parole Order transfers
  • what happens if a Parole Order is broken

Eligibility and participation

Any prisoner is able to volunteer to attend the program, whether they are due for parole or not. Usually the Prisoner Support Service will inform prisoners about the program two weeks before it is held, through telling the Yard Representatives and putting up flyers.


The program is held in each of the prison divisions in the southern region of Tasmania.