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EQUIPS Programs

  • In  February, 2017 Community Corrections began delivering programs from the Explore, Question, Understand, Investigate, Practise, Succeed (EQUIPS) suite of programs.
  • Developed by NSW Corrections, EQUIPS targets persons assessed as being of a medium to high risk of committing a further offence, with a suite of three offence-specific programs in the areas of Addiction, Aggression, and Domestic abuse.
  • EQUIPS Addiction Program For individuals, who are assessed as having a high level of drug or alcohol abuse within the past twelve months.  This program is designed to address addictive behaviours.
  • EQUIPS Aggression Program For individuals convicted of offences of a violent nature who have a high range of aggressive behaviours. It is designed to increase a participants’ ability to manage difficult life events and minimise the risk of any consequent aggressive behaviour.  The target group also includes female perpetrators of family violence.
  • EQUIPS Domestic Abuse Program For individuals convicted of family violence who are assessed as being at a medium risk of re-offending.  This program aims to address abuse in all its forms towards intimate partners and where children are involved.

Each EQUIPS Program is facilitated by trained program facilitators over a ten week period consisting of two 2 hour sessions per week. Each program caters for up to 12 participants.

Individuals engage in group activities and receive a copy of their own workbook.

People who are sentenced to attend and participate in the program may be breached if they do not attend or do not participate appropriately in individual and group program activities and exercises. If someone is breached their case is returned to Court where the Magistrate/Judge may reconsider their sentence.

EQUIPS Programs are also available in a custodial setting, and are facilitated within the Tasmanian Prison Service.