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The Family Violence Offender Intervention Program (FVOIP) is part of the Tasmanian Government’s Safe at Home initiative which commenced in 2004. It has been designed specifically for people who:

  • Have a history of family violence offences
  • Have had an FVOIP assessment;
  • Are assessed as being at a high or extreme risk of re-offending (committing further violence);
  • Are able to attend and participate in a program; and
  • Have been sentenced by a Magistrate to attend.

Up to 12 people may participate in each program, which consists of individual and group activities. Key features of the program are:

  • Individual offence mapping to identify key triggers that result in offending (violent and abusive behaviour);
  • Skill building regarding offending thinking patterns, mood regulation, feedback processes and managing conflict;
  • Learning non-violent and non-abusive skills to manage conflict and prevent violent and abusive behaviour towards others (re-offending);
  • Building and maintaining motivation to change violent and abusive (offending) behaviour; and
  • Completing a step-by-step program workbook during the program.

During the program the FVOIP facilitators meet regularly with staff from Community Corrections and the Court Support and Liaison Service to ensure the safety of victims and monitor the progress of people who participate in the program.

People who are sentenced to attend and participate in the program may be breached if they do not attend or do not participate appropriately in individual and group program activities and exercises. If someone is breached their case is returned to Court where the Magistrate may reconsider their sentence.

Each FVOIP program is conducted over a 10-week period, consisting of 3 sessions per week. Each program session lasts for two and a half hours.