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Upon the commencement of the Order, a Probation Officer will ensure the individual understands the conditions of their order, as well as the possible consequences of failing to comply. Individuals are required to maintain regular contact with a Probation Officer.

If they fail to comply with the conditions of their Order they can be returned to court, where the Magistrate or Judge may reconsider the original sentence.

Case Management Plans

As part of supervision, together with the Probation Officer, the individual develops a Case Management Plan.  This process involves setting goals for the individual to work towards, to help them stay out of trouble.

This often involves referrals to organisations for specialist counselling and assistance with issues such as substance abuse, mental health problems and anger management. It also involves talking with their Probation Officer about what led to their offending, and any other areas in their life they find difficult.

The Case Management Plan and assessment of the risk of re-offending are reviewed throughout the order to see if goals are being met, and if new goals need to be established, in addition to determining how often the individual will have contact with a Probation Officer.

The Probation Officer will monitor progress by contacting family members, employers, referral agencies and other sources of information.