Review of the Complaints Handling and Dispute Resolution Provisions of the Anti-Discrimination Act 2008 - Recommendations Paper

Following the release of the Discussion Paper on the review of the Anti Discrimination Act 1998 and the consultation of submissions made to the Paper A Recommendation paper has been prepared outlining proposals for legislative change. 


There is further opportunity to make comment about the recommendations.  The paper also includes a reference to proposed changes to the Act that have been sought by the Catholic Church in regard to the enrolment of students in educational institutions conducted in accordance with the tenets, beliefs and teachings of a particular religion.  You are invited to make comment on this issue.


Comments may be made in writing to -


Legislation Development & Review

GPO Box 825

Hobart TAS 7001




The closing date for submissions is 10 October 2008.


Recommendations Paper Adobe PDF icon [50 pages | 158.6 kb]