Historical Homosexual Convictions Bill 2016

The Historical Homosexual Convictions Bill 2016 (the Bill) allows a person to apply to the Secretary of the Department of Justice to expunge a historical homosexual conviction.

The Bill sets out the legal effects of a conviction being expunged including the following

  • An expunged conviction is taken not to form part of the person’s official record.
  • A person is not required to disclose his or her expunged conviction to any other person including when giving evidence in legal proceedings.
  • A question about the person’s criminal history is taken not to refer to an expunged conviction.
  • An expunged conviction is not a proper ground for refusing or revoking any appointment.

Download the draft Bill and background material from the following links

Comments on the draft Bill should be made by close of business on Monday 25 July 2016, send comments to Legislation.Development@justice.tas.gov.au