Draft Building Regulations 2016

The Government is seeking your feedback on the Draft Building Regulations 2016.

These draft regulations are made under the Building Act 2016 which will start on 1 January 2017.  These regulations include the Plumbing Regulations in the one document.

Who is affected?

  1. Anyone who performs, carries out or certifies building, demolition or plumbing work including:
    • All accredited building practitioners (builders, designers, building surveyors etc)
    • Council and Permit Authorities
    • Owner builders
    • Plumbing practitioners
  2. Owners
  3. Reporting Authorities

What does this new regulation cover?

  • Performance of Building, or Demolition Work
  • Performance of Plumbing Work including installation on onsite wastewater management systems
  • Work in Hazardous Areas (including landslip and bushfire prone areas)
  • Occupancy and Temporary Occupancy of Buildings
  • Maintenance of Essential Building Services (including residential owner’s obligations to maintain any High Risk Plumbing installations)
  • Offences

Download the Draft Building Regulations 2016

Other documents relating to the regulations

Download the following:

Comment period

Please send your comments to the Department of Justice by close of business on Thursday 10 November 2016.



Please include Building regulations in the subject line.


Department of Justice
Consumer, Building and Occupational Services
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