Corrections (Prisoner Remission) Amendment Bill 2017

The Government is seeking your feedback on the Corrections (Prisoner Remission) Amendment Bill 2017.

The Bill proposes the following changes to the Corrections Act 1997:

  • Remove eligibility for remission of sentences for all offenders yet to be sentenced at the date of commencement.
  • Limit remissions to no more than three months of the total episode of sentenced imprisonment (irrespective of the number of sentences) for any one prisoner, for all prisoners sentenced after 1 January 1994.
  • Rename “special remissions” as “special management days”.
  • Amend the regulation making powers in relation to mitigation or remission of sentence under the Corrections Act 1997 to include consideration of a prisoner’s participation in rehabilitative or approved purposeful activities.

Download the Corrections (Prisoner Remission) Amendment Bill 2017 (PDF, 188.9 KB).

Comment period

Please send your comments on the Bill to the Department of Justice by 20 October 2017.



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