Registration to Work with Vulnerable People Act Amendments 2015

Comment period for this Bill is closed.

The Bill is currently before Parliament.  Further information will be published once the Bill is passed.


Tasmania’s Registration to Work with Vulnerable People scheme started on 1 July 2014 and is being phased in across sectors over three years.

Since the legislation started in July 2014, the Registrar of the scheme has sought to continuously improve the registration process.  This includes consultation with stakeholders through information sessions, regular meetings with large employers and volunteer bodies whose staff and volunteers require registration as well as service delivery agents and information providers in order to identify opportunities to improve the registration scheme.

Through these steps a number of changes have been identified to improve the registration scheme.

The proposed changes are also based on 18 months of operational experience in undertaking risk assessments.  This experience has informed Government of the challenges faced by the Registrar in administering the Act; and of the problems that cause delays for applicants and as a result of the delays there is more risk of harm to vulnerable people.

Despite the changes being identified through a separate process a number of these amendments are in line with the recommendations of the Working with Children Checks Report issued by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse on 17 August 2015.

The proposed changes aim to improve the safety outcomes for vulnerable people.  Amendments in the draft Bill include:

  • Providing the Registrar with power to monitor or audit whether an employer has engaged an unregistered person in a regulated activity. This is currently an offence but the Registrar does not have power to monitor compliance;
  • Instituting a legal obligation for all relevant information held by reportable bodies to be provided to the Registrar;
  • Providing for an Interim regulated activity should any doubt arise about whether a child related activity is covered by legislation;
  • Giving the Registrar the power to put an interim bar on a person engaging in an activity while their application is being processed and a full risk assessment is undertaken.

The draft Bill is available: Registration to Work With Vulnerable People Amendment Bill 2015 - Consultation Draft - 29 September 2015 (PDF, 533.9 KB)

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