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Resources for Justices of the Peace

Handbook for Justices of the Peace

The Handbook for Justices of the Peace (JPs) has been developed by the Department of Justice.

This comprehensive guide, for practicing JPs in Tasmania, will provide you with a clear understanding of your role, and act as a reference to help you perform your duties.

The JPs Handbook can be used as a tool to help new JPs become familiar with tasks, and as an ongoing reference tool for existing JPs.

Download the Handbook

Fact sheets for Justices of the Peace

The Department of Justice has developed a number of fact sheets to assist JPs in delivering their services, these inlclude

Record of Application for a Search Warrant

JPs may wish to use this form to record the outcome of applications for search warrants. The form is not compulsory, but merely designed to assist JPs with record keeping and to act as a reminder of the issues that should be considered when deciding whether a search warrant should be granted.

Justice of the Peace Associations

To promote and support Tasmanian Justices of the Peace, there are three associations to assist JPs in providing a high level of service to the Tasmanian public.

The associations advance the important role that JPs play in the justice system by providing professional development and training, regular updates on changes to a JP’s role and processes, and networking opportunities for their members.

Membership is voluntary but it is encouraged to ensure that JPs continue to support the Tasmanian community at the highest level.
If you are interested in joining an association, you may contact one of the following:


The Tasmanian Society of Justices of the Peace Inc.
GPO Box 805
HOBART   TAS   7001
Phone: 0418 122 494
Email: admin@tsjpi.asu.au


The Honorary Justices’ Association of Tasmania Inc.
PO Box 1418
Phone: (03) 6334 9699
Email: jpnorthtas@hjat.com.au

North West

The Honorary Justices’ Association of Tasmania-North/West-Inc.
PO Box 785
Phone: 0417 365 625 
Email: hjatnorthwest@gmail.com

Magistrates Court website

The Magistrates Court of Tasmania website contains useful information for background knowledge about the Tasmanian legal system.

A glossary of legal terms can also be found on their website.