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Apply for reappointment as a Justice of the Peace

Reappointment as a Justice of the Peace (JP) is for the term of two years commencing on termination of the current or immediately preceding appointment to the office of JP, under the Justices of the Peace Act 2018 (external link).

As an appointed JP, you may apply for reappointment up to six months before or after you reach the age of 75 years, or within 6 months before or after the term of your appointment expires.

JPs can only reapply if –

  • you will be 75 years of age in the next six months or less
  • you are 75 years of age, but have not yet reached the age of 75 years and six months
  • your term of appointment will expire in the next six months or less
  • your term of appointment has expired in the last six months or less

The Department encourages JPs who wish to be reappointed to apply within the six month period before they turn 75 or their appointment is expiring.

It is your responsibility to apply for reappointment before the end of your term. You may continue to seek reappointment every two years up to the age of 85 years.

Applications must be in the form approved by the Secretary.

You may reapply by filling in and submitting the online form below.

You may also request an application form by writing to the Secretary of the Department at GPO Box 825, Hobart, 7001 or by emailing JP@justice.tas.gov.au.