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Certificate of No Record of Marriage

A Certificate of 'No Record' can be issued for the purpose of marrying overseas. It proves that you have not married in the State of Tasmania during a specified period of years.

To comply with the BDM Access Policy, all applications must be from the person to be named on the certificate.

To apply for a Certificate of No Record you will need to:

  • complete the Application Form (pdf, 248.8 KB)
  • state the range of years you would like BDM to search (normally from marriageable age to date)
  • pay the prescribed fee appropriate to the years stated in your application - a five year search is a standard fee but for six years or more, an extended search fee is payable.
  • provide appropriate identification

PDFs require a PDF reader to be viewed. Follow this link to download a PDF reader or contact us if you would like to request the publication in an alternative format.