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KMPG Audit Report Sentence and Remand Order Processing

In May 2016 KPMG was commissioned to undertake an audit of sentence and remand order processing following the identification of a number of occasions where prisoners had been released on the incorrect date.

The audit report produced by KPMG was released by the Government on 8 March 2017.

The objective of the audit was to understand the inadequacies in the existing system and improve compliance with the processes for obtaining, entering and validating sentence and remand orders, and calculating release dates.

The report includes a suite of recommendations for reforms to address the factors that contributed to the incorrect releases and to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the process for the future.

The Government’s response to the audit recommendations has also been released, outlining the actions that will be taken to prevent a recurrence of these issues. Work has already commenced to implement some of these responses.

Download the KPMG Sentence and Remand Order Processing Internal Audit Report (PDF, 1.7 MB)

Download the Government's response to the report (PDF, 317.1 KB)