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A Single Tribunal for Tasmania: Discussion Paper

The Department of Justice has released a discussion paper to assess the feasibility of a single Civil and Administrative Tribunal for Tasmania. Tasmania is the only state in Australia that does not have a Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

The Discussion Paper examines the possible structure, legislative requirements, and governance arrangements of a single Tribunal.

The Department consulted with those entities potentially suitable for amalgamation and other divisions within the Department when developing this Discussion Paper.

The Discussion Paper found the formation of a single tribunal in Tasmania has the capacity to:

  • avoid continued increase of tribunals, boards and other administrative decision makers
  • provide an established body  which is adaptable and properly resourced
  • provide consistency in processes and decision making, while retaining the important specialist features of specialist tribunals
  • improve flexibility and capacity building for tribunal services.

You can download the Discussion Paper here.

A Single Tribunal for Tasmania: Discussion Paper (DOC, 1.7 MB) 

The Government will prepare an Options Paper to explore what other benefits there are in proceeding to amalgamation.

The Options Paper is a starting point for a wider discussion with stakeholders, the community, and whole of government.