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What gets assessed in your Application

Your national records will be assessed to see if you have charges or convictions that could indicate you pose a risk of harm to a child.

What records are assessed?

The Working with Children Registration obtains applicants' national criminal histories from sources in Australia. This includes information about:

  • Convictions for all criminal offences you may have
  • All 'spent' convictions (convictions that don't ordinarily need to be declared)
  • Any 'pending' charges (charges that have not yet been decided by the court)
  • All 'non-conviction' charges (those that have been finalised by the court but didn't result in a conviction)

Ongoing monitoring

If you are successful, you'll be subjected to ongoing monitoring for relevant new records for the three year life of your Working with Children Registration.

Some records will trigger a risk assessment, which may lead to your Working with Children Registration being cancelled.

How is the WWC Registration different from existing processes that use a Police Check?

There are many differences between screening processes that occur at the moment in Tasmania and the Working with Children Registration, some are outlined below:

  • The Working with Children Registration is based on the broadest possible information available to Government to assess risk of harm to children.  Previous screening processes were not able to access the information now available to screen people to work with children.
  • Before the Working with Children Registration some people engaged in child related activities were screened but in many other cases people were not screened.  This inconsistency meant that some activities were safer than others for children.  In future all regulated child related activities will require screening.
  • Once people receive a Working with Children Registration Card they can use it across multiple child-related activities.  Previously people were required to undertake multiple identical checks to satisfy each employer.
  • Most existing screening processes feature a decision made on the basis of a Police Check at the start of employment (or volunteering) and no further review or a review after a period of years.  The Working with Children Registration features ongoing monitoring for the full period of registration.
  • Bodies relying on the Working with Children Registration to manage the risk of harm to children will know within days if an incident occurs.

Government determines the activities that pose a risk of harm to children and ensures that these activities require a Working with Children Registration.

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