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Working with Children Registration Results

Registration Status

If you are an employer or volunteer body you must check the status of your workers and volunteers online to ensure they have a current Working with Children Registration.


In general please allow six weeks to receive your results.

Some people will receive their results within a few days, others may wait longer depending on their personal information. There may be a delay in getting your results, however it should not be assumed that a delay is because a person has a criminal background.


Delays in getting your results may be caused by:

  • the time it takes for information to be reported on criminal history
  • having a common surname or date of birth
  • sharing the same name as someone with a criminal history
  • having records against your name

If you have not heard after six weeks, email workingwithchildren@justice.tas.gov.au with your application reference number.  We cannot provide any information before this time.

Risk Assessment

A risk assessment is an evaluation of an individual's eligibility for child-related work, i.e. whether a person poses a risk to the safety of children. It is conducted by the Working with Children Unit and the outcome is either a clearance to work with children or a bar against working with children.

The process can take in excess of six months, depending on the nature and location of the records involved. In the majority of cases results will be received within six weeks.  However, the Working with Children Unit will keep you informed throughout the review process and will make all reasonable attempts to complete the risk assessment process as soon as is practicable.

Who is subject to a Risk Assessment?

Every person that applies for a Working with Children Registration is subject to a risk assessment.  The time taken and detail considered in each risk assessment is based on the applicant's background. 

How is risk assessed?

When assessing an individual's suitability for child-related work, the Working with Children Unit may consider the following factors, set out in the risk assessment order issued under the Registration to Work with Vulnerable People Act 2013:

The matters to be taken into account in the investigation may include:

Factors relating to the conduct:

  • Seriousness (as demonstrated by details of the conduct, court outcome and penalty)
  • Length of time since the conduct occurred
  • Age and vulnerability of the victim(s)
  • Relationship between the offender and victim(s)
  • Age difference between the offender and victim(s)
  • Whether the offender knew or could have known the victim was under 18 years of age.

Factors relating to the applicant:

  • Conduct since the offence/alleged offence
  • Age at the time of the offence/alleged offence
  • Current age
  • Seriousness of total criminal records.

Factors relating to recurrence:

  • Likelihood of the offences being repeated
  • Impact on children if the offences were to be repeated.

The Working with Children Unit must also take into consideration any information given in relation to the application and any other matters that it considers necessary. The Working with Children Unit may also request further information from the applicant.

Refusals and Appeals

When you apply for a Working with Children Registration, there are only three outcomes:

  • Successful (without conditions) Working with Children Registration
  • Successful (with conditions) Working with Children Registration
  • Refusal of a Working with Children Registration

Possible Refusal – Proposed Negative Notice

In the instance of a possible refusal you will be notified in writing, with reasons for the decision.  You will be invited to submit further information.

You cannot work or volunteer in a child related service until a successful result is achieved.


If your application is unsuccessful, you will be informed in writing, with reasons for the decision.

If you are already in child-related work (or planning to be), your employer (or prospective employer) will be:

  • notified that you have been refused
  • instructed to remove you from child-related work

The employer (or volunteer body) will not be advised of the reasons for refusal, they will simply be advised that your application has been refused.

Consequences of a Refusal

If a Working with Children Registration is refused, it is a criminal offence to work in regulated child related activities for five years (unless circumstances have changed that permit an earlier application).

If you are already working with children, you must immediately remove yourself from this work. 

Serious penalties apply.

Applying for a Review of a Refusal

You can request a review of the refusal, however you cannot request a review if:

  • you previously applied for a Working with Children Registration and were issued with a negative notice
  • less than five years has passed since your Working with Children Registration was cancelled

Lodging an Appeal

You must lodge your application for a review with the Magistrates Court (Administrative Appeals Division) within 28 days of having your application refused.

For more information visit the Administrative Appeals Division website

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