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Working with Children Registration

Do you work or volunteer with children?

If you want to work or volunteer with children, you might need to apply for this new Registration.

Why do I need to be registered?

The aim is to keep our children as safe as possible by reducing the incidence of sexual, physical, psychological, emotional harm or neglect of children in Tasmania.

Tasmania will come into line with all other Australian States and Territories who already have similar registration processes.

Important information for Registered Training Organisations

From 1 August 2017, Working with Vulnerable People Registration will be extended to vocational education and training services provided for children.  

See the sector guide for Vocational Education and Training Service (pdf, 198.6 KB) for more information on whether registration is required.

Application processing can take up to six weeks, so apply early to ensure registration prior to 1 August 2017.

An information session will be held in Hobart on Tuesday 9 May at 4.30pm at the State Government Offices, 30 Gordons Hill Road, Rosny.

What does the process involve?

This new Registration process will require:

  • an application
  • proof of identity
  • the payment of a fee
  • a national criminal history assessment and ongoing monitoring
  • a risk assessment

Working with Vulnerable Adults

The next stage for the Registration to Work with Vulnerable People process is to require people working with vulnerable adults to be registered.

Details of the phase in schedule will be published here once it becomes available.


From 1 July 2016:

Employment/Volunteer $107.10

Volunteer only $18.36

Change of class $88.74

Replacement registration card $38.25

From 1 July 2017:

Employment/Volunteer $108.50

Volunteer only $18.60

Change of class $89.90

Replacement registration card $38.75

The fee is not refundable. This means you pay the fee regardless of whether you withdraw your application or if your application is unsuccessful.

For more information

Call 1300 654 499

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