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Tasmania Prison Service

About the Tasmania Prison Service

The Tasmania Prison Service (TPS) contributes to a safer Tasmania by keeping in secure custody those sentenced by the Courts, and providing the best opportunity for prisoners to stop re-offending within a secure, safe and decent environment that reflects the values and opportunities of the wider community it serves.

The TPS work in partnership with a range of State, community, private and voluntary organisations to deliver this service for the betterment of the Tasmanian community.

Prison facilities are located at Risdon Vale, Hobart, and Launceston. These facilities provide care and custody, at various levels of security, for prisoners and people remanded in custody. In Hobart and Launceston, the Reception Prisons also hold people in police custody. The TPS provides secure transport between prison facilities, and courts.

Currently the TPS is working through a Change Program that concentrates on continual improvement, development of processes, and implementation of cultural change.

What's New

Smoking Cessation in the TPS

On 31st January 2015 the TPS became a smoke-free workplace.  This means that all TPS prison facilities are now smoke-free.  Additionally, there is no smoking anywhere on prison property.

Opening of Alcohol and Drug Unit

The first live-in drug and alcohol facility in the Tasmania Prison Service was officially opened in July 2015.

The Alcohol and Drug Treatment Unit will offer prisoners a live-in program which will address the biological, psychological and social triggers of an individual’s addictive behaviour to help address drug and alcohol use.

The Apsley unit, which was built as part of the recent redevelopment at the prison, was found to be ideally suited to the operation of a residential alcohol and drug treatment program.

Upcoming Events

Kid's Days

Kids Days are a time for mums and dads in prison to have a special visit with their children, to have fun together, and create some great memories.  Each Kids Day is based on a different theme, with lots of activities and games to keep everyone entertained. The Program is operated by the Christian Family Centre in conjunction with the Tasmania Prison Service.

The next Kid's Days will be held in 2016 – as per the following:-

Risdon Prison Complex (9-11am and 1-3pm)

  • 27th January, 5th July and 4th October 2016

Ron Barwick Minimum Security Prison (1-3pm)

  • 28th January, 6th July and 5th October 2016

Mary Hutchison Women's Prison (12-2pm)

  • 29th January, 7th July and 6th October 2016

Kids day volunteers