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Accommodation sharing – supporting Tasmania’s visitor economy

As part of the Tasmanian government’s commitment to grow the tourism and hospitality sectors, regulatory changes have recently been announced to support the sharing economy.

If you plan to participate in the sharing economy by renting your home, shack or investment property (such as through Airbnb), new arrangements and exemptions, supported by simpler processes, will come into effect on 1 July 2017.

The arrangements will only apply if you charge a fee for the use of your property.

Planning and building requirements will vary, depending which of the following categories the property you are renting falls in to:

  1. Your own home with up to four bookable rooms
  2. Your own home with more than four bookable rooms AND investment properties or shacks up to 300 square metres
  3. Investment properties or shacks greater than 300 square metres.

The new arrangements will be translated into appropriate regulations setting out the detail over the coming months and accompanied by an implementation program to ensure a smooth introduction.

More information is available in the Accommodation Sharing Policy Statement.