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Security Licence Activities

Licence activities

Application forms

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Licence Activity

Activity description (if you receive payment)

Further requirements

Security guarding general
  • patrol, protect, watch or guard property
  • keep property under surveillance
  • provide in-house security (a person who guards, patrols or watches their employer's property
  • personnel loss prevention (preventing or minimising shoplifting)
  • operate security gates
Security guarding with dog
  • patrol, protect, watch or guard property
  • keep property under surveillance
Security guarding with firearm
  • patrol, protect, watch or guard property
  • keep property under surveillance
Monitoring room operator
  • guard property
  • keep property under surveillance
  • provide close personal protective services
Crowd control
  • screening the entry of people into a place
  • monitoring or controlling the behaviour of people in a place
  • removing people from a place
Inquiry agent

Providing information on another person about:

  • the personal character or action of any person
  • the business or occupation of any person
  • getting evidence for the purpose of legal proceedings
  • searching for missing persons
Commercial agent

Commercial sub-agent
  • finding the whereabouts or repossessing a good or chattel that is the subject of a security interest
  • collecting or requesting the payment of a debt
  • executing (which includes serving) a legal document in relation to a judgement or order of a court
  • levying distress (taking possession of a person's property to satisfy a debt or demand for payment)
  • Commercial agent activity is only available for an agent individual or a body corporate licence holder
  • Commercial agent must hold a Trust Account 
  • Commercial sub-agent activity is only available to an employee licence holder. Duties are the same as commercial agent.

Specific licence endorsement requirements

Firearm endorsement

Baton and handcuffs endorsement

  • To carry a baton and/or handcuffs you must have a full licence (not provisional) with security general guarding, security guarding with dog or security guarding with firearm activity added to the licence.
  • To apply to have the endorsement added to your current licence you need to complete an Application to amend registered details (employee or agent individual) form (pdf, 185.5 KB);
  • Complete the baton training course units. The course units will need to be completed each year to continue to hold the endorsement.
  • You must supply a letter from the Firearms Service, Tasmania Police advising you are exempt under Section 15c(1) of the Police Offences Act 1935. Contact Tasmania Police at:

Firearms Services
Tasmania Police
GPO Box 308
Hobart 7001
Ph: 03 6173 2720
Email: firearms.services@police.tas.gov.au