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Agent Body Corporate Licence

An Agent Body Corporate licence is valid for 3 years and requires the following:

  • a nominated manager who holds a Tasmanian licence which has the same functions as those the company requires; and
  • each company manager or director undertaking licensed activities must meet the criteria. This does not mean each director of the company should be a licensed person, however each person listed as a director will be assessed as if they are applying for a licence.

Applying for a licence

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Licence activities

A body corporate can apply for the following activities:

  • crowd control
  • security general guarding
  • security guarding with dog
  • security guarding with firearm
  • bodyguard
  • monitoring room operator
  • commercial agent
  • inquiry agent

What will the body corporate get?

  • A paper certificate

National Personal Insolvency Index

Australian Financial Security Authority [AFSA]
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Australian Business Research [ABR]
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CITEC Confirm
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