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Applying for an owner builder permit

  • Owner Builder Permits are issued under the Occupational Licensing Act 2005.
  • Only individual “natural” persons who own the land and premises may apply for an owner builder permit.
  • At least one owner must undertake the approved Tasmanian Owner Builder Training Course (mandatory from the 1 September 2013).  This course must be successfully completed within 12 months prior to the date of an owner builder permit application.
  • There are three Owner Builder Responsibilities approved courses.  Every applicant must also hold a Construction Induction card (White Card).
  • An applicant for an owner builder permit must have engaged a licensed building surveyor in respect of the work to be performed as an owner builder.
  • An applicant is to hold an insurance policy to provide indemnity in respect to personal and property damage caused by an occurrence in building work carried out or managed by the holder.
  • The insurance policy is to include construction liability cover for the damage to existing property where the owner builder permit holder has physical or legal control of premises.
  • The amount and period of insurance is to be not less than $5 million and is to be held prior to the commencement of any building works and is to continue until a Certificate of Completion (building work) is granted. An application for an owner builder permit is to be lodged at a Service Tasmania shop and the owner builder permit fee paid.
  • The Administrator of Occupational Licensing will check the applicant’s eligibility and if approved, will issue a permit.
  • A letter of approval with a permit number is issued to the approved applicant.

Download Application for Owner Builder Permit  (rtf, 4.1 MB)This form is for print purposes only

Download Application for Owner Builder Permit (pdf, 491.9 KB) This form can be completed online


Owner Builder Permit Fee: $372.00