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Nominated Manager

The administration of an electrical, plumbing, gas-fitting or automotive gas-fitting contractor's licence requires the applicant to nominate a responsible person in their business.

This person will have completed the required contractor training course (electrical only) with a Registered Training Organisation and will sign the paper work submitted to administrating organisations. (Inspection companies and or Local Government)

A contractor must not carry on business as such unless any prescribed work carried out in the course of the business is subject to the management and supervision of a nominated manager who –

(a) is a practitioner; and

(b) is, in the Administrator's opinion, competent –

(i) to assess the scope and technical requirements of any prescribed work to be carried out under a contract or proposed contract; and

(ii) to determine the skills and resources necessary to carry out that work; and

(iii) to make arrangements for carrying out that work properly and safely; and

(c) is named in the contractor's licence, or in a separate notice, as the nominated manager.

The contractor licence application form has a place for recording the nominated manager's details.

Download Fact Sheet - Information for Electrical Contractors and Nominated Managers (pdf, 188.5 KB)

My Nominated Manager has left?

Should the nominated manager leave the business the contractor has 60 days to find a new nominated manager or the licence will be reclassified inactive until such time as a new person is appointed to the position. Complete the change of Nominated Manager form found on the website

Can I share a Nominated Manager with another business?

A nominated manager can work across several businesses at once but does need to be named on each contracting licence by completing the change of nominated manager form.

I have a large business, can I have more than one Nominated Manager?

There is only one nominated manager for each occupational class. A business contracting for electrical and plumbing work, for example, will normally have a nominated manager for each of these occupations. Electrical contractors (electrical only) are able to have 'signatories' - these are staff who are permitted to certify that the work is compliant with the relevant standards.  The nominated manager is the person responsible for the quality of the work undertaken by the 'signatories'.  You must advise the Occupational Licensing Unit of the names of each 'signatory' on the Signatory Notification Form (pdf, 465.5 KB).