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Codes of practice

Codes of practice under the Occupational Licensing Act 2005

Occupational Licensing (Supervision of Prescribed Work) Code of Practice 2010 (PDF File, 247.9 KB) 
This code sets minimum standards for the supervision of those required to be supervised in the performance of prescribed work.

Occupational Licensing (Fit and Proper) Code of Practice 2010 (PDF File, 146.5 KB) 
To be granted and retain a licence under the Occupational Licensing Act 2005, a contractor and practitioner as well as others involved, must be fit and proper.

Occupational Licensing (Standards of Plumbing Work) Code of Practice 2010 (PDF File, 84.0 KB) COP019
Standards of Plumbing Work Code of Practice

Occupational Licensing (Standards of Gas-fitting Work) Code of Practice 2010 (PDF File, 83.0 KB) COP020
Standards of gas-fitting work code of practice

Occupational Licensing (Standards of Electrical Work) Code of Practice 2017 (PDF File, 718.5 KB) 
This Code of Practice sets the minimum standards for electrical work including the installation of and provision for, consumer metering, the minimum requirements for electrical compliance labelling of transportable structures and vehicles; and duties in relation to reporting and notification of defective electrical work. This Code of Practice replaces the 2016 version, DOC/16/10365(V1.0), which has been revoked.

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