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Qualifications and eligibility for a conveyancer licence

Prescribed qualifications

Applicants must satisfy the following requirements in order to obtain a licence:

  • Conveyancing Law and Practice Course, Macquarie University;
  • Associate Degree in Law (Paralegal Studies), Southern Cross University;
  • Bachelor of Business (Property), University of South Australia;
  • Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (Conveyancing) or Advanced Diploma of Conveyancing provided by www.training.gov.au;
  • a course relating to Tasmanian local requirements, as determined by the Director of Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading
  • successful completion of an examination for conveyancers as may be determined by the Director of Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading

More information on training courses is available from www.training.gov.au  


Applicants must have 2 years full-time practical experience or the equivalent practical experience in conveyancing work in a licensed conveyancer's office, law practice or any business or government department or agency where conveyancing work is regularly undertaken. This experience must be gained:

  • within the 3 years immediately preceding the day on which the application for a licence is lodged with the Director of Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading;
  • before, during or after obtaining one of the qualifications listed previously; and
  • wholly within Australia.


A conveyancer must: 

  • serve clients to the best of their ability at all times;
  • complete work in a competent and timely manner.

Section 12 of the Conveyancing Regulations 2005 provide the legislative requirements for the practicing of conveyancing in Tasmania.



To be eligible to hold a licence you must not:

  • be an undischarged bankrupt or have made an arrangement which creditors that has not been carried out; or
  • be disqualified from acting as a legal practitioner under the Legal Profession Act 1993; or
  • hold a licence under the Property Agents and Land Transactions Act 2005; or
  • have (within the preceding 5 years) been convicted in Tasmania or elsewhere of an indictable offence and sentenced to:
    • imprisonment for a term of terms in the aggregate of 3 years or more; or
    • a period of detention for 3 years or more under a restriction order made under section 75(1)(e) of the Sentencing Act 1997 or an equivalent order made in any jurisdiction outside Tasmania.


The Director of Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading may also refuse to grant a licence if satisfied that you:

  • are not a fit and proper person to hold a licence having regard to your National Police Criminal History record; or
  • have been convicted of a prescribed offence; or
  • are the holder of a licence:
    • there would be grounds for disciplinary action; or
    • there would be grounds for suspension or cancellation of the licence.