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Auto gas-fitting licence - provisional restricted

Interstate and New Zealand applicants (mutual recognition)

Overseas trained applicants

Auto gas-fitting practitioner licence

Auto gas-fitting practitioner restricted licence


Guide to licensing services online (pdf, 2.7 MB)

Before you start your application


To gain an auto gas-fitting practitioner provisional-restricted licence, the applicant must be issued with an Offshore Technical Skills Record assessment issued under the Trade Recognition Service and:

  • Had a Registered Training Organisation (TasTAFE) assessment of gap training needs; and
  • Has enrolled with a Registered Training Organisation (TasTAFE) to complete the gap training that has been identified.


  1. Read the information on this licence page so you know what to do and what documents to provide
  2. Read the Personal Information Protection Statement
  3. Provide evidence of your identity (new application only)
  4. Scan and save (computer or storage device like a USB) a digital copy of your Certificate III and/or IV Qualification (new application only)
  5. Scan and save (computer or storage device like a USB) a digital copy of your Statement of Results (new application only)
  6. Have a credit card ready to pay for your licence online or at any Service Tasmania shop


If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the questions below, you will need to provide details and copies of all relevant documentation.

In the last 10 years have you:

  1. Been refused a licence / registration / certificate to carry out any type of prescribed work?
  2. Had a licence / registration / certificate relating to prescribed work disqualified, cancelled, suspended?
  3. Had conditions placed on a licence / registration / certificate relating to prescribed work?
  4. Been dismissed by an employer for any type of unsafe or defective prescribed work?
  5. Been convicted of an offence of dishonesty or of an offence relating to prescribed work? (If you have been issued with an Infringement Notice relating to prescribed work, you should tick yes).

Do you have any disability that will affect your ability to perform prescribed work safely?

Apply for your licence

Step 1. Save documents to a computer or a storage device like a USB (see checklist)

Step 2. Select Start Now (below)

Step 3. On the next screen, select New Application and complete the online application

Step 4. Pay the licence fee online or at any Service Tasmania shop

Step 5. Have a photo taken for your licence card at any Service Tasmania shop and prove your identity

Apply Now