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Electrical, Plumbing and Gas-fitting apprentices have up to 30 days to apply for a licence upon completion of their training.

  1. Complete apprenticeship and attain certificates
  2. Apprentices must complete their Contract of Training with their employer as administered by Skills Tasmania before being eligible for the issue of a licence
  3. Complete an application form and attach the training certificates
  4. Apprentice plumbers must also provide a Statement of Results so the correct class(es) of plumbing can be assessed
  5. Submit the form at a Service Tasmania shop. Have a photo will be taken for your licence card
  6. Pay the fee
  7. The application will be assessed within 21 days.

* Note: Electrical apprentices cannot become self-employed contractors immediately but must continue to work for a contractor for 12 months and complete the contractor training.

Other building trades are not licensed in Tasmania, however should you wish to manage or certify building work, you will need to apply for a builder's licence. Generally you will need at least two years' experience following your trade apprenticeship before you can become a licensed builder. The requirements are explained in the Scheme for accreditation