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Consumer, Building and Occupational Services (CBOS) is the Department of Justice business unit set up to help the Director fulfil these roles.

The person given authority to oversee Tasmania's building processes is the Director of Building Control. The Director is also the Administrator of Occupational Licensing, and holds the statutory roles of Director of Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading and Residential Tenancy Commissioner.

The current Director, Administrator and Commissioner is Mr Dale Webster.

CBOS has 5 units which have responsibility for building processes and consumer affairs:

  • Directorate
  • Building standards and regulation
  • Compliance and dispute resolution
  • Licensing
  • Consumer affairs and fair trading


This small unit includes the staff who directly support the Director in undertaking his duties as Director of Building Control and Administrator of Occupational Licensing.

The unit co-ordinates projects to enhance the regulatory frameworks administered by CBOS including:

  • the review of the Building Regulatory Framework
  • the implementation of the Registration to Work with Vulnerable People Act 2013

Building standards and regulation

Responsible for:

  • development of policy and legislative proposals relating to the building and plumbing industries
  • input into technical regulation through the National Construction Code and Tasmanian representation on the Australian Building Codes Board
  • providing training and information to both industry and the public

Compliance and dispute resolution

Responsible for:

  • audits of participants in the building process
  • enforcing the requirement to be licensed
  • investigating disciplinary complaints against licensed building practitioners.


Responsible for:

  • licensing of plumbers, gas-fitters, electrical workers and automotive gas fitters
  • licensing of building service providers
  • registering owner builders
  • processing of other occupational licensing, such as security industry, motor traders and conveyancers

Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading (CAFT)

Responsible for:

  • administering and regulating the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) in Tasmania
  • registering incorporated associations, co-operatives and charities
  • providing a secure repository for the lodgement and disbursement of rental bonds
  • investigating disputes for the Residential Tenancy Commissioner (RTC)
  • providing information to consumers and traders
  • promoting awareness within the community of relevant consumer laws

Legislation administered on behalf of the Government