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Licensed occupations

The following occupations require a licence in Tasmania:

Building Services Provider

A Building Services Provider requires a building services licence for the following classes:

Builder classes:

Design classes:

Building surveyor classes:

Licensed entities

Permit Authority

A building services licence requires a building services provider to be:


You are required to Apply for a licence within 30 days of completing your apprenticeship as an electrician, plumber, gas-fitter or automotive gas-fitter.

Mutual recognition of a licence

Applicants can apply for mutual recognition of an interstate or New Zealand licence:

Persons from other countries

Electricians, gas-fitters, automotive gas-fitters and plumbers who have trained in other countries (not including Australia or New Zealand) can Apply for a licence to operate in Tasmania.

Change of address details

If you are a licence holder and have recently relocated, please use this online form to update your details.

Licence search

You are able to search for licensed practitioners and contractors.