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Building and Plumbing Work in Tasmania

Level 1 Item Disputes and Complaints
Level 2 Item Complaints About Practitioners
Level 2 Item Appeal a complaint outcome
Level 1 Item Security of Payment
Level 2 Item Payments
Level 2 Item Making a claim
Level 2 Item Responding to a claim
Level 2 Item Residential home owners
Level 2 Item Adjudication
Level 2 Item Nominating Authorities
Level 1 Item Appeals against a decision
Level 1 Item Consumer building information
Level 1 Item Building Standards and Regulation
Level 2 Item Building regulatory framework
Level 3 Item Laws and regulations
Level 3 Item Building Act 2016 Determinations and Guidelines
Level 3 Item Building Industry Licensing Changes
Level 3 Item Building categories
Level 3 Item Residential building contracts
Level 3 Item Frequently Asked Questions - Building Legislation
Level 2 Item Building Act 2016 Approved Forms
Level 2 Item Building Legislation 2016 Resources
Level 2 Item Building Administration Fee
Level 2 Item Example design documentation
Level 2 Item Energy efficiency
Level 3 Item Star ratings
Level 3 Item Energy efficiency requirements for new homes and extensions
Level 3 Item Commercial and public buildings
Level 2 Item Building maintenance
Level 3 Item Complying with the law on maintenance
Level 3 Item what are you required to maintain
Level 3 Item Who can perform maintenance work?
Level 2 Item Building in hazardous areas
Level 3 Item Reactive soils and subsidence
Level 2 Item Event permits
Level 2 Item Disability access to buildings
Level 2 Item Health Service Establishments Code 2012
Level 2 Item Advisory notes
Level 1 Item Building services publications
Level 1 Item Electricity Standards and Safety
Level 1 Item Gas Standards and Safety
Level 1 Item Plumbing Standards
Level 2 Item Plumbing Advisory notes
Level 2 Item Certified plumbing products
Level 2 Item Waste water management
Level 2 Item Authorised septic tanks and holding tanks
Level 2 Item Accredited waste water treatment systems
Level 2 Item Waterless composting toilet systems
Level 2 Item Hybrid systems
Level 2 Item Heated water
Level 1 Item About us
Level 1 Item Reports