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Nominating authorities and adjudicators

What are nominating authorities?

Nominating authorities (NA) are important to the administration of adjudication services to Claimants under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 2009 .  They have been authorised by the Tasmanian government to perform the following functions:

  • receive adjudication applications from claimants
  • provide assistance to parties regarding the adjudication process
  • recruit adjudicators with appropriate skills and qualifications
  • nominate an adjudicator to decide an adjudication application
  • serve copies of the adjudication decision
  • issues adjudication certificates to Claimants (if requested).


NA charge fees for their services. Prior to selecting a NA, the Claimant should enquire about likely fees and expenses from adjudication.

What are adjudicators?

After an application for adjudication is lodged with a NA, it will appoint an adjudicator to review all relevant documents that were lodged and to make a determination.  Adjudicators are private individuals engaged by the NA on the basis of their skills and knowledge of construction industry payment disputes. Once appointed to hear an application, the adjudicator will notify both parties to the payment dispute.

NA are required to ensure that adjudicators they nominate meet minimum competencies and comply with professional standards of conduct.