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Building and Plumbing Regulations 2014

Approved by the Director of Building Control as at 1 July 2014

The following forms must be used to be compliant with the Building Regulations 2014 and Plumbing Regulations 2014. These forms have been amended to reflect the changes to both Regulations, correcting some numbering anomalies with a knock-on effect to other clauses. These forms have been approved for use by the Director of Building Control as at 1 July 2014.

A news update news update [pdf/117kb/3 pages] on the issue is available.

The Director's Specified List [pdf/348kb/36 pages] has been amended to take effect on 1 October 2014. The Director's Determination of Certificates of Specialists and Other Persons[DOC/55kb/16 pages] have been updated to take effect from 1 July 2014. Both documents need to be re-issued so that they refer to the correct regulations.There are no other changes to either of these documents.

Forms for the Building Act 2000

NoNameSectionIssued byIssued toCopy toReissued 1 July 2014?

2 Application for Building Permit (DOC, pages) 70(1) O; A PA Yes
3 Application for Plumbing Permit (DOC, pages) 80(1) O; A PA Yes
3A Application for Special Plumbing Permit (DOC, pages) 80(1) O; A PA Yes
4 Application for Occupancy Permit (DOC, pages) 95(1) O; A BS; BSL No
5 Application for Temporary Occupancy Permit (DOC, pages) 107 O; A GM Yes
6 Notice to Adjoining Owner - proposed building and protection work (DOC, pages) 121(2) O AO; BS; BSL No
7 Application for Permit to Proceed (DOC, pages) 178(2) O PA Yes
8 Application for Certificate of Substantial Compliance (DOC, pages) 183(2) O BS; BSL No
9 Application for Permit of Substantial Compliance (DOC, pages) 186(2) O PA Yes
10 Referral to Function Control Authority (DOC, pages) 64(1) BS; BSL FCA No
11 Certificate of Likely Compliance (DOC, pages) 67(4) BS; BSL A; O No
11A Advice Minor Alterations or Repairs (DOC, pages) 60(2) BS PA Yes
12 Certificate of Final Inspection (DOC, pages) 92(1) BS; BSL A; O B; PA No
13 Occupancy Permit (DOC, pages) 100(2) BS; BSL A; O B; PA No
14 Building Notice - Building Surveyor (DOC, pages) 163(4) BS; BSL B; O B; O No
15 Building Order - Building Surveyor (DOC, pages) 170(6) BS; BSL O; PAIC PA No
16 Certificate to Proceed (DOC, pages) 176(3) BS; BSL O Yes
17 Certificate of Substantial Compliance (DOC, pages) 184(4) BS; BSL O Yes
18 Building Permit (DOC, 1 pages) 72(3) PA A; O BS; BSL Yes
19 Plumbing Permit (DOC, 1 pages) 82(3) PA A; O Yes
19A Special Plumbing Permit (DOC, 1 pages) 82(3) PA A; O Yes
20 Certificate of Completion (Building Work) (DOC, 1 pages) 112(4) PA A; O No
21 Certificate of Completion (Plumbing Work) (DOC, pages) 113(5) PA A; O No
22 Plumbing Notice (Permit Authority or General Manager) (DOC, pages) 164(4) GM; PA O; PCOPW No
23 Plumbing Order (Permit Authority) (DOC, pages) 172(4) PA O; PAIC No
24 Permit to Proceed (DOC, pages) 180(3) PA O BS; BSL No
25 Permit of Substantial Compliance (DOC, pages) 188(3) PA O BS; BSL No
26 Temporary Occupancy Permit (DOC, pages) 108(2) GM A; O PA Yes
27 Emergency Order (DOC, pages) 162(3) GM O; Occ. PA No
28 Building Notice (General Manager) (DOC, pages) 163(4) GM O Yes
30 Building Order (General Manager) (DOC, pages) 170(6), 171, 173 GM O; PAIC PA Yes
31 Plumbing Order (General Manager) (DOC, pages) 172(4) GM O; PAIC PA Yes
32 Demoliiton Order (General Manager) (DOC, pages) 191(5) C O No
33 Certificate of Plumbing Compliance (DOC, pages) 113(6) Pl PA Yes
35A Certificate of Responsible Designer (Building Work) (DOC, pages) 66(fc) D BS; BSL No
35B Certificate of the Responsible Designer - (Plumbing Work) (DOC, pages) 80(1)(b) D PA No
36 Registers (Permit Authority) (DOC, pages) 278(2) PA Kept by PA No

Forms for the Building Regulations 2014

NoNameReg noIssued byIssued toCopy toReissued 1 July 2014?
39 Building Start Work Notification and Authorisation (DOC, pages) 32(1) B; OB BS; BSL Yes
40 Owner Builder Registration Application (DOC, pages) 52(1) BS; BSL DBC Yes
41 Request for report from Chief Officer (DOC, pages) 18(1) BS; BSL CO Yes
42 Request for report from Environmental Health Officer (DOC, pages) 19(1) BS; BSL EHO Yes
43 Direction to uncover building work (DOC, pages) 36(1) BS; BSL B Yes
44 Inspection Direction (DOC, pages) 37(1) BS; BSL B Yes
45 Certificate of suitability for temporary occupation (DOC, pages) 42(2) BS; BSL O Yes
46 Schedule of Prescribed Features and Measures (DOC, pages) 47(3) BS; BSL A; O B; PA Yes
47 Chief Officer Report (DOC, pages) 18(2) CO BS; BSL Yes
48 Chief Officer occupancy report (DOC, pages) 40(6) CO BS; BSL Yes
49 Environmental Health Officer report (DOC, pages) 19(2) EHO BS; BSL Yes
50 Environmental Health Officer Occupancy report (DOC, pages) 40(6) EHO BS; BSL Yes
51 Building Certificate (DOC, pages) 54(4) GM O; Pa; Pu Yes
52 Building Certificate refusal (DOC, pages) 54(7) GM O; Pa; Pu Yes
53 Notice of intention to install Heating Appliance (DOC, pages) 55(1) I PA Yes
54 Heating Appliance Installation Compliance Certificate (DOC, pages) 55(2) I PA Yes
55 Certificate of Specialist or Other Person (Building Work) (DOC, pages) 16(5) OP A; O Yes
56 Form 56 Annual Maintenance Statement (DOC, pages) 50 O; Occ. Yes
57 Form 57 Application for Building Certificate (DOC, pages) 54(1) OP; PA GM Yes
58 Form 58 Building endorsement (DOC, pages) 23(2) PA A; O Yes

Forms for the Plumbing Regulations 2014

NoNameReg noIssued byIssued toCopy toReissued 1 July 2014?

Key to abbreviations used in this Index

ABPAccredited Building Practitioner
AOAdjoining Owner
BSBuilding Surveyor
BSLBuilding Surveyor Limited
COChief Officer
DBCDirector of Building Control
EHOEnvironmental Health Officer
FCAFunction Control Authority
GMGeneral Manager
OBOwner builder
OPOther person
PAPermit Authority
PaPerson authorised
PAICPerson apparently in charge
PCOPWPerson carrying out plumbing work
PPPlumber Practitioner