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Approved forms

Certain provisions of the legislation require that particular applications, permits, compliance actions or other functions be provided in an Approved Form.

The Director of Building Control has published Approved Forms for use by

  • applicants
  • building or plumbing practitioners
  • local government

The majority of approved forms are for use by the council permit authority or by a building surveyor.  A full index of forms including version dates is available from the list below.

Obtaining Approved Forms

The Forms you require are generally provided by the relevant practitioner or permit authoirty, specifically you should talk to:

  • Your Local Council
  • Your Building Surveyor (only for certain functions, including Owner Builder Registration Applications)

The forms availble direct from us are listed below. 

Note: When making applications for permits, applicants should obtain the version of the form that is provided by their local council or building surveyor.

List of forms (including index)

Please refer to Building Act 2016 Approved Forms.

Other document formats available 

The above forms are also available in Word Format

PDFs require a PDF reader to be viewed.