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Building and Plumbing Regulation

In Tasmania, the Building Act 2016

  • requires all building and plumbing work to be undertaken at a National standard;
  • creates the certification process for ensuring the standards are applied; and
  • defines who can do the work of a building practitioner.

The National technical standards for design, construction and installation are contained in the National Construction Code which creates the:

  • Building Code of Australia
  • Plumbing Code of Australia

All work must be undertaken to the National Standards and some permits.

Building and Plumbing Regulations 2016

The  Building Regulations 2016 came into effect on 1 January 2017 and replace the Building Regulations 2014 and Plumbing Regulations 2014.


Advisory Notes

Advisory Notes are produced in relation to building or plumbing regulation. These Notes relate to changes to building and plumbing legislation, the National Construction Code and the Building and Plumbing Codes of Australia.

Approved forms

The following forms have been approved by the Director of Building Control as at 1 January 2016 and must be used to be compliant with the Building Regulations 2016:

For Building Practitioners

For Plumbers

The Plumbing Code of Australia is the standard for plumbing work and plumbing installations.  For more information see Plumbing Standards.