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Building services publications

Guide to the Building Act 2016 (pdf, 837.6 KB)

This guide explains the operation of the Building Act 2016 and its regulations and what you need to know to perform your role under this legislation.

Approved forms

The Director of Building Control has approved the use of these forms as templates for use in the administration of the Act.


Early Childhood Centre and School Aged Care Facilities Code 2012 (pdf, 218.0 KB)

Health Service Establishments Code 2012 (pdf, 531.6 KB)


Director's Determination - Short or Medium Term Visitor Accommodation July 2017 (pdf, 155.7 KB)

Director's Determination - Application of requirements building bushfire prone areas Aug 2017 (pdf, 166.3 KB)

Director's Determination - Building Administration Fee v1.0 (pdf, 231.9 KB)

Director's Determination - Building Product Accreditation - High Risk Building Products Dec 2017 (pdf, 145.6 KB)

Director's Determination - Certificates by Qualified Persons for Assessable Items Dec 2016 v1.0 (pdf, 338.9 KB)

Director's Determination - Fire Hazard Materials Dec 2016 v1.0 (pdf, 152.4 KB)

Director's Determination - Maintenance of essential building services July 2017 (pdf, 208.5 KB)

Director's Determination - Mandatory Contract Provisions (pdf, 297.0 KB)

Director's Determination - Occupational Licensing (Building Services Work) (pdf, 61.5 KB)

Director's Determination - Referral to Function Control Authority v1.0 Dec 2016 (pdf, 383.5 KB)

Director's Determination - Required Maintenance of Plumbing Installations Dec 2016 v1.0 (pdf, 305.1 KB)

Director's Determination - Requirements for Building in Bushfire Prone Areas Aug 2017 (pdf, 229.3 KB)

Director's Determination Categories of Building and Demolition Work July 2017 (pdf, 488.8 KB)

Director's Determination Categories of Plumbing Work July 2017 (pdf, 1.2 MB)

Director's Specified List Sep 2017 (pdf, 623.6 KB)

Determinations - Supporting documents

Checklist - Director's Determination Categories of Building and Demolition Work (pdf, 203.0 KB)

Guide to approved forms - plumbing work (pdf, 106.6 KB)

List of changes - Approved Forms - Building Act 2016 and Building Regulations 2016 (pdf, 81.3 KB)

List of changes - Director's Determination Categories of Building and Demolition Work (pdf, 106.4 KB)

List of changes - Director's Determination Plumbing Work (pdf, 57.8 KB)

NCC 2016 Fire Separation Extract (pdf, 828.7 KB)

Fact sheets

Fact Sheet - Condensation in Roofs (pdf, 204.8 KB)

Fact Sheet - Builders changes under Building Act (PDF, 360.5 KB)

Fact Sheet - Building practitioners changes to accreditation (PDF, 339.3 KB)

Fact Sheet - Building Practitioners Residential Building Work (pdf, 202.4 KB)

Fact Sheet - Building requirements for hazardous areas transitional provisions (pdf, 195.3 KB)

Fact Sheet - Building Surveyors changes to the Building Act (PDF, 367.5 KB)

Fact Sheet - Changes to Building Regulations 2016 (pdf, 255.3 KB)

Fact Sheet - Consumer guide to low risk building and plumbing work (pdf, 171.9 KB)

Fact Sheet - Essential Building Services (pdf, 180.0 KB)

Fact Sheet - Low Risk Work by an Owner or Competent Person (PDF, 183.7 KB)

Fact Sheet - Owner builder work (pdf, 130.5 KB)

Fact Sheet - Plumbers (pdf, 265.5 KB)

Fact Sheet - Sheds and similar structures - Building Act 2016 (pdf, 196.0 KB)

Fact Sheet - Shipping containers (pdf, 165.6 KB)


Aerated waste water treatment system guide May 2016 (pdf, 363.9 KB)

BSOL Condensation Guide 2014 GB383 (pdf, 1.4 MB)

Building Act - Guidelines - Inspection Plumbing Work Dec 2016 v1.0 (pdf, 165.7 KB)

Building Administration Fee and Industry Training Levy Guideline v1.0 (pdf, 83.4 KB)

Building Administration Fee Return Certificate Version 1.2 December 2016 (MS Excel Document, 57.0 KB)

Director's Guidelines for onsite wastewater management systems (pdf, 512.7 KB)

Electricity Consumption Metering Safety Requirements Tas 2017 (pdf, 468.5 KB)

Guidance on the regulatory documents for disability access for premises and their application (pdf, 114.2 KB)

Guide for Plumbers (pdf, 1.0 MB)

Guide to Building Act 2016 (pdf, 837.6 KB)

Guide to domestic greywater reuse June 2017 (pdf, 5.0 MB)

Guide to Standards and Tolerances 2017 (pdf, 4.8 MB)

Guidelines - Charged downpipes to rainwater tanks (pdf, 231.6 KB)

Guidelines 6 Star Energy Efficiency Houses Oct 2014 GB382 (pdf, 752.7 KB)

Guidelines for determining plumbing category (pdf, 168.0 KB)

Manual of Authorisation and Accreditation Procedures for Plumbing Products and Systems (pdf, 435.0 KB)

Residential Building Consumer Guide 2016 (PDF, 2.2 MB)

Wet areas compliance - PowerPoint slides - Aug 2016 (MS PowerPoint Document, 874.5 KB)