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Plumbing work and plumbing installations in Tasmania are regulated under the Building Act 2016 and the Building Regulations 2016.

Standards of plumbing work

The Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA) has been adopted under the Building Act 2016 as the standard for plumbing work, plumbing installations and plumbing products in Tasmania.  The PCA forms Volume Three of the National Construction Code (NCC) is produced by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) on behalf of the Australian Government and State and Territory Governments.  The PCA is a performance based code, which provides for performance based solutions.  Plumbing work will comply with the PCA if it satisfies the relevant performance requirements.

The performance requirements are designed to ensure that any plumbing and drainage work, or installation, is

  • fit for its intended purpose;
  • does not have an adverse impact on the environment and
  • can continue to function as intended, without excessive maintenance.  

Being a performance based code, the PCA allows for any solution to the performance requirements, provided they are supported by the appropriate assessment methods.

Many users of the PCA, however, will choose to use the code without making use of this opportunity, by complying with the deemed-to-satisfy provisions (prescriptive provisions), such as Australian Standard AS/NZS 3500 Plumbing and drainage.

What is in the PCA

The PCA contains the technical provisions for the design, construction, installation, replacement, repair, alteration and maintenance of -

  • water services;
  • sanitary plumbing and drainage systems;
  • stormwater drainage systems;
  • heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems; and
  • on-site wastewater management and liquid trade waste systems.

The PCA contains plumbing product certification procedures, such as the WaterMarkTM Certification Scheme (WMCS), for certification of plumbing and drainage materials and products, so that they may be authorised for their intended use.

The PCA also provides for State and Territory variations or deletions of some of its provisions, or the addition of extra provisions.  These can be found in the State and Territory Appendices of the code. 

Technical information

Carrying out plumbing work

To carry out plumbing work a permit from the council permit authority is required, unless the work is exempted under the Building Regulations 2016. You should always check with the relevant council permit authority before you have plumbing work carried out. All plumbing work must be carried out by licensed plumbers, unless that work is exempt from licensing under the Occupational Licensing Act 2005.

Permit types

Licensing information


The Building Act 2016 requires an owner, who engages a person to design plumbing work, to ensure that person is either a licensed building practitioner, in the category of designer, or a plumber certifier, licensed in the class of the work being designed. A designer of plumbing work is to ensure there is sufficient information in their design to enable assessment of compliance with the codes and regulations and be sufficiently detailed for a plumber to be able to carry out the work.


Building Act 2016

Building Regulations 2016