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Gas legislation & resources

Consumer, Building and Occupational Services is responsible for monitoring the gas safety functions under the following legislation.

Industry Risk Assessment Tools - AS 3814 Industrial and commercial gas-fired appliances

Annual Report

The Director of Gas Safety produces an Annual Report each year on the operation of the Gas Act 2000.

If you would like a hard copy of the report or in another accessible format, please contact us.

Previous annual reports can be located at LINC Tasmania website

Forms and information

Nautral gas supply emergencies - guide for converting complex gas installations
(PDF, 199.9 KB)

ID: | Date: 01/2015

Construction and approval Standard for stand by gas systems on natural gas installations
(PDF, 217.6 KB)

ID: | Date: 01/2015

Type B Statement of Compliance
(PDF, 449.6 KB)

ID: TBA004 | Date: 07/2013

Application for Acceptance
(PDF, 815.9 KB)

ID: TBA003 | Date: 07/2013

GN039 Storage and use LP gas public events
(PDF, 560.4 KB)

ID: | Date: 01/2015

TBA007a Commissioned Settings
(PDF, 68.7 KB)

ID: TBA007a | Date: 07/2015

TBA006a Type b Application for acceptance
(PDF, 43.9 KB)

ID: TBA006a | Date: 07/2015

FS131 Prohibition sale gas appliances Apr 2015 V2.0
(PDF, 185.9 KB)

ID: FS131 | Date: 03/2015

FS132 Badly ventilated gas flues RV users V1.0
(PDF, 222.6 KB)

ID: FS132 | Date: 11/2015

FS133 Natural gas installations and bushfires V1.1
(PDF, 194.7 KB)

FS133 - Natural gas installations and bushfires

ID: FS133 | Date: 11/2014

FS134 LP Gas and bushfires V1.1
(PDF, 0 Bytes)

ID: | Date: 01/2015

FS135 Butane Cartridge Cookers V2.0
(PDF, 271.5 KB)

ID: FS135 | Date: 11/2014

FS136 Domestic Biogas Systems V1.0
(PDF, 222.8 KB)

ID: FS136 | Date: 11/2014

FS137 Guide gas appliances air requirements V2.0
(PDF, 224.5 KB)

ID: FS137 | Date: 09/2014

GN023 Gas Pipelines Awareness V2.1
(PDF, 220.0 KB)

ID: GN023 | Date: 03/2015

GN039 Storage and use LPG public events V1.C
(PDF, 559.1 KB)

ID: GN039 | Date: 06/2015

GN106 Gas installations biogas facilities V1.0
(PDF, 188.1 KB)

ID: GN106 | Date: 01/2015

GN107 Biogas gas composition certificate V1.0
(PDF, 176.2 KB)

ID: GN107 | Date: 01/2015

GN109 Guidelines for development submission gas installation safety management systems V1.0
(PDF, 208.6 KB)

ID: GN109 | Date: 03/2015

IS134 Guide trenchless techniques installing gas consumer piping systems V1.0
(PDF, 175.6 KB)

ID: IS134 | Date: 07/2015

IS156 Gas installation buried gas pipes public land V2.1
(PDF, 175.6 KB)

ID: IS156 | Date: 06/2015

Fact Sheet - Mandatory flame safeguards on cookers
(PDF, 101.7 KB)

ID: | Date: 01/2015