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Gas legislation & resources

Consumer, Building and Occupational Services is responsible for monitoring the gas safety functions under the following legislation.

Industry Risk Assessment Tools - AS 3814 Industrial and commercial gas-fired appliances

Annual Report

The Director of Gas Safety produces an Annual Report each year on the operation of the Gas Act 2000.

If you would like a hard copy of the report or in another accessible format, please contact us.

Previous annual reports can be located at LINC Tasmania website

Forms and information

Storing and using LP Gas at public events
(PDF, 882.5 KB)

ID: | Date: 01/2015

Nautral gas supply emergencies - guide for converting complex gas installations
(PDF, 199.9 KB)

ID: | Date: 01/2015

Construction and approval Standard for stand by gas systems on natural gas installations
(PDF, 217.6 KB)

ID: | Date: 01/2015

Type B Statement of Compliance
(PDF, 449.6 KB)

ID: TBA004 | Date: 07/2013

Application for Acceptance
(PDF, 815.9 KB)

ID: TBA003 | Date: 07/2013

TBA007a Commissioned Settings
(PDF, 68.7 KB)

ID: TBA007a | Date: 07/2015

TBA006a Type b Application for acceptance
(PDF, 43.9 KB)

ID: TBA006a | Date: 07/2015

FS131 Prohibition sale gas appliances Apr 2015 V2.0
(PDF, 185.9 KB)

ID: FS131 | Date: 03/2015

FS132 Badly ventilated gas flues RV users V1.0
(PDF, 222.6 KB)

ID: FS132 | Date: 11/2015

FS133 Natural gas installations and bushfires V1.1
(PDF, 194.7 KB)

FS133 - Natural gas installations and bushfires

ID: FS133 | Date: 11/2014

FS134 LP Gas and bushfires V1.1
(PDF, 0 Bytes)

ID: | Date: 01/2015

FS135 Butane Cartridge Cookers V2.0
(PDF, 271.5 KB)

ID: FS135 | Date: 11/2014

FS136 Domestic Biogas Systems V1.0
(PDF, 222.8 KB)

ID: FS136 | Date: 11/2014

FS137 Guide gas appliances air requirements V2.0
(PDF, 224.5 KB)

ID: FS137 | Date: 09/2014

GN023 Gas Pipelines Awareness V2.1
(PDF, 220.0 KB)

ID: GN023 | Date: 03/2015

GN106 Gas installations biogas facilities V1.0
(PDF, 188.1 KB)

ID: GN106 | Date: 01/2015

GN107 Biogas gas composition certificate V1.0
(PDF, 176.2 KB)

ID: GN107 | Date: 01/2015

GN109 Guidelines for development submission gas installation safety management systems V1.0
(PDF, 208.6 KB)

ID: GN109 | Date: 03/2015

IS134 Guide trenchless techniques installing gas consumer piping systems V1.0
(PDF, 175.6 KB)

ID: IS134 | Date: 07/2015

IS156 Gas installation buried gas pipes public land V2.1
(PDF, 175.6 KB)

ID: IS156 | Date: 06/2015

Fact Sheet - Mandatory flame safeguards on cookers
(PDF, 101.7 KB)

ID: | Date: 01/2015