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Prohibition on the Sale of Gas Appliances

Under the Gas Act 2000, the Tasmanian Director of Gas Safety has prohibited the supply and sale of specific models of portable butane 'lunchbox' camping type cookers due to safety concerns. 

Fact Sheet (FS131 v3.0 Prohibition on the sale of gas appliances) (docx, 256.9 KB) is available for your information.

Table 1 Specific class of gas appliance 

Australian Gas Association NumberCertificate HolderModel Number and Brand Names
6810Amalgamated Hardware Merchants Ltd

Single burner 2250 and double burner 2250SP provided for sale under brand names: Campmaster, Falcon, Festiva, Fiesta, Grillrite, Oztrail, Wild Country, Red Centre, Progaz, Escape, Camper Collection, Gas Craft, Spinifex, Roman and Rough It

7920Sitro Group Australia Pty LtdGasmate double burner Model PC2080
7633Illusion Australia Pty LtdU-Bute Traveller double burner Model UB001
7378Chens Bros Trading Pty LtdMy Collection, Red Stone, Home Essentials, Bai Hui Portable Camping Stove models BZD-168

Table 2 Portable Butane Cookers Conformity Certificates Currently Suspended

Affected Product Names and Model numbers (as at 10 March 2015) 

Model NameModel Number/sCertification Number
My Collection, Red Stone, Home Essentials & Bai Hui Portable Camping StoveBDZ-168 &  BDZ-163S7378
Five Star &  GasmateMS-2000 &  Plus MS-20007437
Gasmate, Gasmaster, Jumbuck, Jackaroo,  Excalibur,  Adventure Ridge &  Buy Right AdventPC1060, KPC1060, MPC1060, PC1065, JPC1065 PC1070, PC1075 PC2070, KPC2070, MPC2070, AR2070, PC2075, BBC2075, PC20807920
Campmaster, Red Centre, Grillrite, Rough It, Fiesta, Falcon, Wild Country, Festiva, Campers Collection, Spinifex, Oztrail, Roman, Progaz, Escape & Gas CraftXX2150, XX2250, XX2250SP, XX2160, XX2160S ( Modern prefix substitutes XX)6810
Auscrown & Wild CountryAD905241
House Brand509245GSCS-20063
Red Desert509230GSCS-20063
U-Bute TravellerU-Bute7633

Further to the list of prohibited models, additional models of butane gas cookers have also had their compliance certification suspended by independent safety certifiers, for failing to comply with Australian Standards. A full list is contained in table 2.

This was as a result of testing undertaken at the request of gas safety regulators across Australia, which found a fault with cookers' over pressure protection shut off valves.  These appliances have the potential to become unsafe if the canister overheats.

If the over pressure mechanism does malfunction, these products can potentially cause serious injury, and therefore people are strongly advised not to use them.

These cookers have been withdrawn from sale and retailers in Tasmania should not be supplying or selling these particular models of butane gas cookers.

Gas Standards and Safety recommend consumers research and verify the certification status before purchasing any gas appliance.

Consumers who have purchased portable butane 'lunchbox' camping type cookers should avoid using them until checking that they are not models which form part of the prohibition or have had their safety certification suspended. For further advice phone 1300 366 322 (within Tasmania) or (03) 6166 4600 (outside Tasmania).

Publication of notice

On Wednesday 11 March 2015, the following notice was published in the Tasmanian Gazette and three regional newspapers: 

GAS ACT 2000

Section 79A

Prohibition of supply of appliances 

I, DALE EDWARD WEBSTER, Director of Gas Safety appointed under Section 9 of the Gas Act 2000, prohibit the sale or supply within the State of Tasmania of the gas appliances of the specified class declared by the Director of Gas Safety and listed in Table 1 below.

This prohibition is in accordance with Section 79A of the Gas Act 2000.